Using AI Engines to Improve Focus

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3 min readOct 20, 2022

Search engines are often critical in aiding our research and work. Yet like a trip line in a mine field, they contain many contextual traps just waiting to grab and monetize your attention. Videos, Wikipedia articles, blogs, and debates OH MY! With the advent of AI engines, you don’t have to brave the battlefield of information alone.

Ready To Run

For many years AI engines wobbled along like a toddler trying to find it’s strength. That all changed when OpenAI’s GPT3 engine came along and revolutionized the field of AI. From art creation with DALL-E 2, to code generation with GitHub Co-Pilot, and all purpose support of the playground. The AI engines are ready to run.

Contextual Hurdles

The GPT3 engine is trained to pull and condense billions of data points throughout the various contexts that exist on the world wide web in to a simple, no monetized strings attached, conceptual solution. Through the use of these new AI interfaces, we can dodge the many contextual traps that seek to monetize our attention.


The most obvious use case appears to be GitHub Co-Pilot’s support in writing complicated algorithms, functions, and even entire applications with out the need to leave the programming environment…

GitHub Co-Pilot is clearly quite powerful when it comes to reducing context switching, however I believe the simple use of the OpenAI playground is often overlooked! I was recently tasked with learning how to perform a job I had never done before.

My Eureka Moment

I had recently been tasked with learning how to perform a job I had never done before. I spent days researching, I tracked my time to try and improve efficiency so I could meet my deadline. All while trying to avoid the looming scythe of the burnout reaper.

The idea of using AI engines dawned on me while listening to Andrew Huberman talk about the consequences of context switching. Thus I started using the OpenAI playground to quickly summarize unfamiliar words and concepts that I ran into while researching, so I could quickly return to my book with out losing focus. The improvement quickly showed in my ability to stay focused on one task.


As AI technology continues to develop, we can expect even more improvements in AI’s utility and ability to help us stay focused and reduce fatigue in a world that has ever growing distractions. Many would argue that AI is here to take your job, however I contest that it is here to offer you a promotion!