The Echo Bubble — 15 Days to Saturn

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2 min readFeb 21, 2023


There are just 15 day’s until Saturn switch’s zodiacs. Historically, the weeks leading up to that point have been some of the most volatile periods for the market over the last 6 years. Here’s what Bitcoin was doing in the 15 days leading up to Saturn the last 2 times.

2017: +67%
2020: -58%

It’s worth noting that these Saturn transits were of Capricorn and Aquarius, the 2 zodiacs that Saturn rules over. Highly significant for financial markets, perhaps because the treasury of the Roman empire was stored inside the temple of Saturn.

Temple of Saturn

Further significance related to the great inversion of Saturnalia.

Saturnalia and the great inversion

If the crypto depression started when Saturn entered Capricorn in 2017, and it had an echo depression in 2020 when it left…. Perhaps the manic bubble that started when Saturn entered Aquarius in 2020, is due for an echo bubble.

Let’s find out if the echo of the Roman empire still rings on!