Swimming Upstream — The Life of Animal Advocacy

Seek Value
2 min readDec 31, 2023


This morning, I am blessed to be in THE MOOD.

No, not THAT mood.

The go getter mood. The “ready to pierce through the pool of negativity like an Olympic swimmer.” mood.

Let’s pierce it.

As animal rights activists, we are bombarded with mankind's cruelest endeavors everyday, and we do it ALONE.

It is lonely.

Everyday we encounter the darkest side of the 90%. We do this while trying to withstand the constant mockery of stubborn animal abusers trying to destroy our spirit.

Life is the greatest endurance race, and as an animal rights activists, we are swimming upstream.

We must make sure to take extra care of health, exercise, sleep well, eat right, and meditate upon positive thoughts.

It takes extra care to swim in the pool of negativity.

a man swimming upstream against a current of negative social media comments. The image captures his determination and resilience in the face of online negativity.

Most people think of hormones as sex drive. It’s much more than that.

While training for the Ironman triathlon, I got to experience the cycle of sending my testosterone to 0 every weekend. This typically happens when we exercise for more than 90 minutes at a time.

Why? It’s stress.

Let me tell you, every Tuesday that pool water felt thicker, time moved slower, and I’d question why I am even doing this.

But on Thursday, my hormones bounced back and suddenly life had purpose. The water was thinner, and everything just felt easier.

This is where the ironman meets the animal advocate.

It’s a revelation to realize that many of us are unknowingly living in a constant state of ‘zero’ — diminished by factors like alcohol, poor sleep, late-night eating, stress, excessive sugar intake, sedentary lifestyle, or simply getting pummeled by negativity for 3 hours a day on social media.

These elements stealthily sap our vitality without us even realizing it.

But here’s the enlightening part: understanding why you’re at zero is half the battle won.

During my training, knowing the reason behind my exhaustion was crucial. It wasn’t just physical fatigue; it was a complete system reset. Believing that by Thursday I’d be back on my feet, re-energized and ready to conquer, was my driving force.

“Thursday” can come for you too.

Maybe it takes longer, maybe it’s next week, or even next month. Rest assured, it will arrive if you let it.

The point is, if we don’t give up when the horrors have us at the lowest, we can bounce back quicker just by knowing the sun will shine again.

Have faith.

Animal rights are natural, animal rights are inevitable. Enjoy the journey :)