St. Arnold: The Patron Saint of Beer!

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2 min readApr 22, 2023

Surprise! That’s right, there is a Patron Saint of Beer. When I first heard this, I thought surely it was a joke, some unholy concoction of myth and malts!

After learning more about the story, it turns out to be true. So, pull up a barstool and let’s dive into the divine history of hops and heavenly libations.

St. Arnold (or Arnulf), born in France around 580 CE, quickly rose through the ranks of the Church to become the bishop of Metz.

This 6th-century bishop loved brewing beer almost as much as he loved the Lord. Arnold discovered that beer not only tasted great but could help prevent waterborne illnesses. So he encouraged the brewing of beer, proclaiming it a gift from God.

St. Arnold wasn’t just a saint for the suds; he was a bona fide beer hero. Why? Back then, water sources were often contaminated, leading to widespread illness.

When the plague arrived in Metz, St. Arnold advised his followers to drink beer instead of water, as the brewing process killed harmful bacteria. It’s believed that his guidance saved countless lives.

So there you have it: the heavenly history of St. Arnold, the Patron Saint of Beer. The next time you raise a glass, remember the man who turned brewing into a divine art and whose love for beer saved lives. May St. Arnold’s blessings be upon your pint, and may your beer be always cold and frothy. Cheers!

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