Milgram’s Farm — The Authority of Society

Seek Value
2 min readOct 23, 2022

Don’t shame them Morty, it’s what they do here. They’ll tell you that those underage girls are young and fresh, God made them fertile for a reason! Just imagine it’s like us explaining why we support animal torture. Because Bacon tastes good Morty. Don’t tell them that though, they do horrible things to people that eat bacon here.

“Let me get some of that” after discovering Epstein’s Island?

How about “MMM BACON” in response to thousands of pigs being steamed to death.

The Milgram Experiment is often used to explain how the atrocities of the Holocaust were able to progress so far. Societies can have radical shifts based on what authority gives them permission to do.

People sacrifice the logical assessment of morality in favor of our social/survival instincts. In the case of Industrial Farms, it seems society itself became the authority.

Maybe we should ponder if society has not performed the math of morality correctly in this case. Perhaps just as we no longer need to mate with “young and fresh” women to proliferate the human race. We no longer need to eat meat to survive either, nutrition is not rocket science after all.

All I’m saying is that perhaps the treatment of the cow behind that celebratory steak matters just as much as the age of the girl we “celebrate” with.

You see Morty, animals like to win too.